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  • polypropylene melting spray special material

    1.  applicable models:pph-y1500 main  features •   excellent machining performance •   the melt mass flow rate is stable •   narrow molecular weight distribution main  applications •  melt blown non-woven fabric •  masks, protective clothing, etc 2.property values properties units test standard test condition typical value melt flow rate g/10min gb/t 3682 230℃,2.16kg 1500 melting point ℃ gb/t 19466.3 10℃/min 163℃ density g/cm3 gb/t 1033.1 immersion method, room temperature 0.9 ash % gb/t 9345.1 850℃ 0.024 volatilc constitucnts % gb/t 2914 110℃ <0.2 note:the above data are all experimental typical values, true and reliable. they are only use as reference data and cannot be considered as the lower limit of material properties.

  • electret masterbatch

    technical indicators                     heat-resistance temperature:280℃characteristics of density:0.90±0.03g/cm3                          melt index:≥500g/10min(230℃,2.16kg) 2. the product is a electret master granule with homo-polypropylene as the carrier,  the purpose of electret is to make the melting spray layer in the mask non-woven  3. series of bfe:1.0-1.5% series of n95/n98/p1/p2:2.5-3.0% usage with the masterbatch feeding metering device. there are several kinds of charging power supply: filter air electrostatic field generation power supply,  5. the effect of electret is related to the polypropylene melting and spraying materials, production process,    note: the above date are all typical experimental values and only use as reference data.

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