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electret masterbatch

1.technical indicators

product appearance: translucent particles                   

melting point:165±3℃

heat-resistance temperature:280℃                        

characteristics of density:0.90±0.03g/cm3

supporter: homo-polypropylene                        

moisture content:≤0.2%

melt index:≥500g/10min(230℃,2.16kg)

2.performance description
the product is a electret master granule with homo-polypropylene as the carrier, 

which is an essential functional material for the manufacture of non-woven cloth 

for the special purpose of melt-spraying masks. the main components are electret

 composite material and polypropylene for the special purpose of melt-spraying.

it has electrostatic effect, piezoelectric effect and pyroelectric effect.

the purpose of electret is to make the melting spray layer in the mask non-woven 

fabric store static electricity, so that it can absorb ( ) positively charged air dust, 

bacteria, viruses, aerosols and other harmful substances, so as to improve the filtration 

efficiency of the melting spray layer in the mask (up to 95-99%).

3.use dosing

series of bfe:1.0-1.5%
series of pfe:1.5-2.0%
series of n95/n98/p1/p2:2.5-3.0%


mix evenly with the polypropylene resin according to the appropriate ratio or adjust the ratio 

with the masterbatch feeding metering device.

after stable production, the non-woven fabric is charged through the designed electret equipment tunnel .

there are several kinds of charging power supply: filter air electrostatic field generation power supply, 

plasma electric field generation power supply, pulse electric field generation power supply.

the effect of electret is related to the polypropylene melting and spraying materials, production process,   

fiber fineness, weight, electret equipment, electret power supply voltage and other factors.

note: the above date are all typical experimental values and only use as reference data.

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